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Feeding conference| March 25th, 2021 | 5 pm CET

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Start - 5 pm (CET)
Presentation 1 - 5:15 pm
10 minutes break
Presentation 2 - 6:30 pm
10 minutes break
Presentation 3 -7:45 pm

Anita & Michael Lucassen

Anita and Michael run a farm with 160 dairy cows in northwest Germany, which is characterized by very thoughtful management, state-of-the-art technologies and good public relations. In the last year, the couple have drastically changed their feeding management and invested in new technologies.  This has allowed them to make many improvements. The biggest effect, however, has been improved animal health on the farm. What they have done and what potential they still want to exploit in the future, they will tell you in their presentation!

Lukas Gösling

Lukas is an agricultural engineer and helps dairy farms to optimize the workflows around the feeding management. He draws his knowledge from working with international experts and his strategic way of working on progressive dairy farms. His presentation will focus on optimal feeding management in dry conditions. It is not only about the ration design, but also about the optimal environment, the workflow around feeding, the technical requirements and of course the reduction of social stress, as these factors massively influence feed intake and conversion. If you want to know how to manage and feed your dry cows correctly in order to start the new lactation with healthy animals, you should definitely attend!

Robb Bender

Robb is one of the leading minds behind GPS Dairy Consulting, a 14-person team that serves many progressive dairy farms in the United States. He himself has focused on feeding, feed optimization and the associated economic potential. In addition to working for very successful farms in Michigan and Wisconsin, he and his wife manage an 800-cow operation near Wisconsin. In his presentation, Robb will show you the management strategies which helps you to turn your feed center into a profit Center. You definitely don't want to miss this!

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CowManager is one of the leading manufacturers of sensor technology for dairy cows. With their ear tags they have proven in recent years that sensor technology can do much more than just heat detection. Using their algorithms, CowManager finds cows even before they get really sick and gives you real-time feedback on how your feeding management is going. Their latest developments even allow accurate dry cow monitoring. This allows you a better and more sensitive management - every day.

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Galaxis is the independent, digital knowledge provider for every dairy farm. With our webinars, online conferences and interactive videos, we take you and your team to the next level to help you prepare your farm for the future. At Galaxis, we are very proud to once again provide you with high level knowledge for your operation and look forward to having a GREAT event with you!
By the way: There will be many more exciting webinars and conferences this year! Stay tuned.


Siloking is one of the leading feed mixer manufacturers in Europe, based in Bavaria. Through their intensive collaboration with progressive farmers, consultants and veterinarians, they have now developed many new innovations that make farmers' daily work easier, save costs and ensure that every cow, every day gets the optimal feed quality. Whether you are looking for a trailed, electric or self loading mixer wagon, Siloking is the place to go.

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Unfortunately, I can't make it that day. Can I still watch it?

Of course, you can! If you register, you will automatically receive the recording afterwards and can watch it at any time.

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You can participate on any mobile device and computer. So on any smartphone, tablet, laptop but also on your stable office computer. It only needs an internet connection and speakers.

Do I need to install anything?

No. Participation is very simple via your internet browser. All you have to do is click on the link in your email.

Will there be a recording after the event?

Yes, all registered participants will receive a link with the recording after the event.

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